As gardeners we have a responsibility to ensure that our actions in the garden do not have a flow on effect and cause harm to the environment.

Our choice of plants may have an impact upon the environment around us; one of these ways is through weeds. Some plants are able to set seed very easily and if you are growing a plant that does this you should consider management of the plant to prevent seed set by removing spent flowers, or look for an alternative. The growme instead website provides a range of alternative plants to grow which have less potential for weediness, and it is broken down into regional areas across Australia.

Australia also has a number of weeds of National significance or WONS. These plants have been declared weeds across the country and efforts should be made to eradicate them, this includes on private land.

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Our waterways are of vital importance in this country they provide habitat to aquatic life provide us with water for life and contribute to the outdoor lifestyle that many Australians enjoy. It is very possible our actions in the garden may affect our waterways. Chemicals applied to your garden may well end up eventually leaching into waterways.

One easy remedy is to follow fertiliser application directions from the manufacturer not over fertilise. Applying excess fertiliser does not necessarily result in increased plant growth and the excess can be leached from the soil by rain or irrigation, it is also a waste of money.

Unused garden chemicals should also be disposed of properly and not discarded down the drain or poured onto the garden.

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